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Here are my (sample) objects. I haven't put any other annotations besides what's required for Morphia:

package jungle;

public class Monkey {
   String name;
   int bananas;
   TreeHouse house;

And the TreeHouse object:

public class TreeHouse {
   String type;
   int distanceFromWater;

I'm trying to query on the type by using a regex. Here's the MongoDB query that I'm using (and has been proven to work through the command line):

db.Monkey.find({ "house.type": { "$regex" : ".*coco.*", "$options": "i"}})

I'm able to generate this exact String in Java using the filter method from a Query object:

Query query = ...;
query = query.filter("house.type", 
              Pattern.compile(".*coco.*", Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE));

However, when I try to run search in Java, I get a ValidationException: The field 'house' could not be
  found in 'jungle.Monkey' while validating -; if you wish to
  continue please disable validation.

Note the doubling of

I'm using version 0.99 of Morphia, and using version 2.5 of the MongoDB Java driver. Am I not doing something correctly? Or is this a problem that has been fixed in a newer version?

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Try this trick, it works for me:

query = query.disableValidation().filter("house.type", 
              Pattern.compile(".*coco.*", Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE));
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