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I have a site that uses an iframe to display a bid request form. The bid request form instructs the parent window to resize it when needed. It does this by using a proxy iframe with the same domain as the domain of the top page.

So, (Top Page) Domain A -> (Bid Request Form) Domain B -> (Proxy iframe) Domain A

For some reason this works fine on some sites where the bid request is installed, but not on others...

Here is a working site:

And one where it doesn't:

The iframe should resize a little on load. Just load IE Internet Tools, start debugging, and leave break on error and you should see the error.


(Am I allowed to give money to the best answer?) If not, you will have my eternal gratitude.


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Get some points, and you can put points as bounties on questions. – Stefan Kendall Jul 26 '11 at 18:23

I tried this in chrome too. Pressing Control shift J shows the same error. looking into the parent of the frame it says: for the source

the url is different. but may go to the same host. For browsers the domains are different.

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The middle frame is quote.responsibid, but the top domain, and the proxy frame have the same domain. – Joey Novak Jul 26 '11 at 19:12

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