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I was developing a web site for some time using mvc 3 and after deploy it in production nothing work because all the urls written the using Url.Action method are wrong. For example, I have this code:

@using (@Html.BeginForm("Add", "Persona")){ ...

this is the result in Dev:

<form action="/SIIJYP/Modulos/Personas/Naturales/Persona/Add" method="post">

and this is the result once deployed:

<form action="/SIIJYP/r.ashx/Personas?action=Add&amp;controller=Persona" method="post">

What can be causing that?

Thank you

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What version of IIS is the production environment running on?

If you are running on IIS 6 then Phil Haack has a good rundown ( on what settings you need to perform (as does the website)

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It is running on IIS version 7 and the problem was in its configuration. Sadly, I don´t know what was wrong. It was solved importing the configuration from another well-configured machine. – lontivero Jul 29 '11 at 2:32

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