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I'm currently developping a Chrome extension (which means that I don't need a cross browser solution).

Basically, I want my web page to be separated into two parts. A left panel which would take 20% of the width and 100% of the height and a right panel which would take 80% of the width and 100% of the height. Those panels would contain various elements, textareas, list, select.

The issue is that I don't know how to achieve this and to handle resizement. Currently, I'm using jQuery with a window.onresize hook. I keep changing the width and height based on the window's size.

I want to know if that could be done in a simplier way, using CSS for instance. And what should I use? A div, a table, etc...

Thanks in Advance.

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Check out this earlier question. –  Purag Jul 26 '11 at 18:55

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You could put the existing panel, or element divs & spans inside a containing relative div. If you use position:absolute for the panel divs, they will then be positioned absolutely, relative to the containing div, not the page body.


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Please adding css into your div, add min-height, and max-height properties

 min-height: 700px;
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