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I'm talking about a game like Sim City, RCT3, the Sims, etc.

I want to know what programming language would be best to create a full-blown 3D simulator game. It must be able to import custom 3D items made outside the program.

I don't care about portability or cross-platform as much as I care about a solid framework and ease of use.

Most people recommend either Java or C++ and either OpenGL+OpenAI or DirectX. I have also heard about C# and XNA. I don't know...

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You could take a look at Unity. –  asawyer Jul 26 '11 at 19:06
Instead of picking the language you should be choosing the game engine. I'd look into Unity or Torque 3D or something similar. –  Denis Jul 26 '11 at 20:38

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The games you mentioned all use C++ and DirectX/OpenGL, and they were all massive games with large teams working on them. Creating a full-blown 3d sim game is a ton of work, and whatever tool you end up going with, I'd recommend doing a few basic games in it first, so you don't mess up on your first attempt.

That said: Unity is an awesome, easy to use tool for creating 3d games, and has the advantage of being playable on the web. It can import a variety of 3d model formats, and there's a ton of support for it.

Another good option is C# and XNA, as many people have already mentioned. The main advantage here is being able to play the resulting game on an Xbox 360, or a Windows Phone 7, as well as PC. However, sim games don't really work too well on consoles, for various reasons.

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I personally recommend C# and XNA, its easier than OpenGL and you dont have to worry about transformation and scaling like OpenGL. XNA is an easy to use framework that has an even easier to use and learn language.

check this link It compares XNA, OpenGl and DirectX

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I have a feeling you have not embarked on such a project before and would therefore recommend you start with something of a Pong clone in C# and XNA to get a feel for what you're getting yourself in to.

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