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When I'm trying to load the R cairoDevice package under Windows7 I receive the message:

not a win32 program

Is there a solution?


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I'm on a 64-bit windows system and I haven't had any problems in Rstudio with the cairoDevice library. I have had some issues with the Cairo not working with symbols but the cairoDevice solved that issue for me.

My suggestion is that you try:

  • Install/re-install the GTK+ package - try with the Gimp installer
  • Try with RStudio that seems very stable
  • See if it makes any difference in 32-bit vs 64-bit versions of R


I recently revisited the cairoDevice and the Cairo packages. The Cairo package seems actually more reliable than the cairoDevice package once you get the right resolution, and point size parameters. I wrote a blog post about this: http://gforge.se/2013/02/exporting-nice-plots-in-r/

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