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This is my code:

returnStruct.myList = myList;
returnStruct.first = trim(ListGetAt(myList,3));
returnStruct.last = trim(ListGetAt(myList,13));
returnStruct.address = trim(ListGetAt(myList,15));
returnStruct.city = trim(ListGetAt(myList,2));
returnStruct.state = trim(ListGetAt(myList,9));

Everything is working fine until myList hits empty values and then everything crashes. I found a command "includeEmptyValues" that I can set to 'yes' but I am not familiar with it and the documentation of ColdFusion 9 isn't the best I've come across.

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Previous versions of ColdFusion (and CF9 by default) counted consecutive delimiters as a single delimiter. So a list that looked like this:

<cfset myList="a,b,,c,,d" />

was considered to have four elements.

Recently added is the "includeEmptyValues" attribute.

listGetAt(list, position [, delimiters, includeEmptyValues ])

So while

<cfset myVar=listGetAt(myList,6) />

will throw an error

<cfset myVar=listGetAt(myList,6,",","true") />

will successfully set myVar to d.

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It worked. Thanks! – Geo Jul 26 '11 at 19:58

might want to use listToArray(), and ArrayIsDefined(). Play with includeEmptyFields attr and see which behavior you prefer. True = Convert empty elements in a list to empty array entries

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Thanks for the advice but the comment above did the job just fine – Geo Jul 26 '11 at 19:59
@Crematorio Then u should mark that as the correct answer. – Henry Jul 28 '11 at 22:00

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