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I want to create a barrier between two processes. For that purpose, I have used two semaphores. When Process 1 reaches the barrier, it signals Process 2 by posting the first semaphore. Process 2 on receiving the signal, posts the second semaphore as an acknowledgment.

The code looks something like this...


sem_post( &sem_sig );
sem_wait( &sem_ack );


sem_wait( &sem_sig );
sem_post( &sem_ack );

Now my question is if this method is the most efficient or is there any better technique to implement process level barriers between two processes?

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Linux implements pthread_barrier_t. To me it looks like a perfect fit to your needs. For the call to pthread_barrier_init you'd just have to specify that this barrier is process shared.

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If I do fork and pthread_barrier_t is there in shared memory, Do I need to call pthread_barrier_init only in parent process or both. –  MetallicPriest Jul 26 '11 at 21:05
@MetallicPriest: Only in one process. And you should do it before the fork(), so that you can be sure that the second process won't try to access it before it's been initialised. –  caf Jul 27 '11 at 4:21

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