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i am trying to remove some duplicated rows by one column(e.g 1st column) in a matrix in R. how can i extract unique set by one column from a matrix? i used x_1 <- x[unique(x[,1]),], the size is correct,but all values are NA. so. i tried to use x_1 <- x[-duplicated(x[,1]),] instead. but the size is not right.

any idea?

Thank you so much in advance,

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I think you're confused about how subsetting works in R. unique(x[,1]) will return the set of unique values in the first column. If you then try to subset using those values R thinks you're referring to rows of the matrix. So you're likely getting NAs because the values refer to rows that don't exist in the matrix.

Your other attempt runs afoul of the fact that duplicated returns a boolean vector, not a vector of indices. So putting a minus sign in front of it converts it to a vector of 0's and -1's, which again R interprets as trying to refer to rows.

Try replacing the '-' with a '!' in front of duplicated, which is the boolean negation operator. Something like this:

m <- matrix(runif(100),10,10)
m[c(2,5,9),1] <- 1
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thanks for the detailed answers! –  verda Jul 26 '11 at 20:11

As you need the indeces of the unique rows, use duplicated as you tried. The problem was using - instead of !, so try:

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thanks it's perfect! –  verda Jul 26 '11 at 20:10

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