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I've got the following javascript writing HTML for FlexPlayer:

document.writeln("<object width=\"489\" height=\"414\" FlashVars=\""+videoSource+"\">");
document.writeln("<param name=FlashVars value='sourceUrl=videoSource'>");

I need to have FlashVars="sourceUrl=videoSource"; where videoSource is a variable which I get from PHP for the current video and sourceUrl is variable form the Flex player. Please repair the int he first row cause this FlashVars syntax is driving me mad.

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Thanks as I read i should use flashvars only in param tag and the value is right? – George Jul 26 '11 at 20:11
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You should use SWFObject as an easier way to embed your swf into your website. It also has a very simple way to include parameters (flashvars) into your movie in the documentation.

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