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Trying to find out how to build a private cloud using WSO2 Stratos. I have a small rack of computers and have successfully installed Stratos on one machine and it seems to work just fine. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to setup the other machines so that they operate in "cloud mode".

I am pretty sure I am looking at this wrong because I can’t find a scrap of documentation on how to do this, so any pointing in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

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You can set up a private cloud, just like you set the Stratos up in your computer. In StratosLive, the publicly hosted PaaS of Stratos, we have Amazon EC2 as our underlying infrastructure, and use WSO2 Load Balancer to load balance and auto-scale among the instances. However you might also use Eucalyptus and other cloud infrastructure instead. Once you have set up Eucalyptus or a similar private cloud infrastructure, you can set up Stratos Services separately on the instances, according to the availability of the instances.

I would suggest contacting WSO2 Oxygen Tank Stratos Forum or stratos-dev mailing list (, as they will grab the attention of the core WSO2 team pretty quicker.

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No.. you need not to pay... WSO2 Oxygen Tank Stratos Forum or stratos-dev mailing list provide free support...


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