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We're using a Bixolon SRP-350 receipt printer with a Windows 7 Point of Sale system. The printer is connected via USB to the PC; the cash drawer is connected to the printer with a special cable. To open the cash drawer, we issue a printer command.

PROBLEM: Kicking the cash drawer open always causes the receipt printer to eject some paper.

Any suggestions how to avoid this?

Any suggestions in any language would be helpful; we happen to be using Delphi:

  MyPrinter.Canvas.Font.Name := 'FONTCONTROL';
  MyPrinter.Canvas.Font.Size := 0;
  MyPrinter.Canvas.TextOut (0,0,'A');
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The solution was to change the Windows Printer configuration for the printer:

[Control Panel], 
    Bixolon SRP-350, [Properties...],
      [Printing Preferences], 
        [Paper Quality], 
          [Paper Source]
          <= Changed from "Automatically Select" to
             "Receipt[Partial cut without paper feeding]"
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