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This is very odd, but I don't see neither PowerShell nor XAML among supported languages ?!

How can I filter results for that languages?

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Did you try to click on the link next to the language list ? – ybo Mar 25 '09 at 22:34

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From the Codesearch FAQ:

What programming languages do you support?

The Advanced Code Search page lists the programming languages we're able to detect. But even if your language of choice isn't on there, you can still search for code written in that language. We make as much code searchable as possible, including code where we can't detect the language. When we're able to detect the programming language for a file, we indicate that in the search results, and you can restrict your search to code written in that language.

If we're not detecting a language you care about, the file: operator can be useful to search for files with a specific extension. For example, you could restrict your search to files with a .x or .abc extension with a query like myquery file:\.(x|abc)$. If we're not detecting a language you think is important, be sure to let us know.

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