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I'm fairly new to Java so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

Basically, a file is a song. I'm using JFileChooser to select multiple songs. I then do some stuff with the array of songs (their file names and paths). I want to then create 2 directories inside the directory in which the songs are located, a directory for the artist name, and a directory for the album name inside the artist name directory. I then want to move the files in my array to the album directory.

I'm fairly sure I'm supposed to be using mkdirs() method.

How can I tell the program to make the directories in the location of the songs whose paths I have stored in an array of files? I can only find examples of getting rid of the extension, not the file name, to be able to use the path for the mkdirs() method.

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Suppose you have some File foo that points to c:\foo\bar\baz\music.wav, to get the parent directory you can use File.getParentFile(). I recommend constructing the subdirectories using the File constructor:

File subdir1 = new File(foo.getParentFile(), "mysubdir1");

Since you're sure that subdir1's parent exists, you can get away calling subdir1.mkdir() instead, but you won't lose anything by calling mkdirs.

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I think you're looking for one of the getParent() functions.

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