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I have one requirement to develop web service client in standalone java application which is using spring framework. My question is how can i develop one java class which can be used to call a web service. All I have is location of the WSDL and wsdl file? Also this application should run in diff envt. where url of the WSDL is diff. So basically I want to externalize the url property if possible.

I heard about the using JaxwsproxFactoryBean from spring framework but not finding any good working example.

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If you want to go with Spring, JaxwsProxyFactoryBean is the way to go. At least I did.

I followed this example:


I have not tried the exact code provided by this article, but I followed step-by-step and I made it work. And it is hassle-free: wsimport tool is used in this example for generating the classes and JaxwsProxyFactoryBean is used to inject the proxy:

<bean id="subscriptionJaxProxyService" class="org.springframework.remoting.jaxws.JaxWsPortProxyFactoryBean"

Finally, inject a marshaller/unmarshaller through spring (e.g. Jaxb2Marshaller) to deserialize the web service's responses.


  • make sure to check the article it mentions at the beginning:


  • the most annoying part was to get wsimport to work. Make sure to use version 1.12, from repository:

        <id>Java dot Net</id>
        <name>Repository for JAX-WS commons</name>
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In my opinion, you don't necessarily have to use Spring in order to create a web service client.

wsimport tool can be used for this purpose.

open the command prompt, change dir to where wsimport.bat / ws.import.sh is located and execute the command below.

wsimport -keep -verbose ${your wsdl location}

Several source files will have been generated (most probably )in a folder named com. The name of the top folder depends on the name of the top package you have used in your wsdl.

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