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I'm trying to create a small web service for a larger application that handles some common shipping operations (rates, package creation, labels), so I'm pretty flexible when it comes to picking a language to write it in (Python, Ruby, Java, Perl, even PHP if necessary). But I've yet to find any library or module that supports even a decent subset of that wish list. Active Shipping from shopify only supports tracking and getting rates. Most CPAN modules are pretty ancient… I can probably do the label printing myself, just a case of ZPL templating. But something that actually creates the shipments would be really, really helpful. Lots of different API calls, differences between shipping methods etc.

Maybe there's something that could be taken out of some webshop software, if it's flexible enough. I can't quite believe that nobody ever wrote a comprehensive wrapper for that.

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There is no known open source library for shipping. The problem is that each carrier is different in their API calls. Ex: UPS easily supports multi-packages and the other carriers do not. Take a look at for some open source UPS coding. Even if you duct tape something together it's going to only share a subset of overall functionality.

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Thanks for the link…I've worked with their individual APIs, and yes, there never will be a common one where the carrier is just another parameter. So a library where you have your UPS/Fedex modules, with some simplified common calls (rate checking?) would be nice to have. Without it, everybody is reinventing the same wheel again. – mhd Jul 27 '11 at 12:03
2 appears to have a common api for rating and tracking. – andyknas Jul 27 '11 at 15:35
I'm currently working on a multi carrier solution as a ruby gem, here is the link to github It will be able to support the different shipping needs for each carrier. – Digi_Cazter Aug 21 '12 at 1:00

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