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I'm becoming a huge fan of CoffeeKup, but I'm wondering how I can use literal HTML in such a template? For example when I just want to copy-paste some existing, non-CoffeeKup markup.

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You can add arbitrary text with the text function:

text '<p>foo</p>'

For multiline strings, CoffeeScript's heredocs are a pleasure:

text '''

Just make sure you have autoescape set to false (the default value).

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Hey awesome, thanks :) – nicolaskruchten Jul 28 '11 at 13:09
You're welcome! I also started working on a CoffeeKup reference if you're interested. – Maurice Jul 29 '11 at 7:43

Have you tried using this tool too for converting your markup instead of just inlining in?

It's linked from the main github page of coffeekup. If it handles your old markup it would be a more elegant solution.

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