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I am using Aaron Pfeifer's state_machine gem in my Rails3 app -- it's (still) nifty.

I have a event whose outcome isn't known until it has been processed, and I would like to set the following state based on the outcome. The 'obvious' approach shown here doesn't work: it raises an ArgumentError: :picked_many is not a known state value error.

What's the right way to set the state based on the outcome of an event? (Or am I just thinking about this wrong?)

class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base 
  state_machine :initial => :top do 
    event :pickanumber do
      transition any => any
    state :picked_zero 
    state :picked_one 
    state :picked_many 
  def pickanumber(n) 
    self.state = case n 
                 when 0 then :picked_zero 
                 when 1 then :picked_one 
                 else :picked_many 

and a sample run:

> m = MyModel.create 
=> #<MyModel id: 26, state: "top", ...>
> m.pickanumber(2) 
ArgumentError: :picked_many is not a known state value
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State is internally stored as a string and not symbol.

This should work...

def pickanumber(n)
    self.state = case n
                 when 0 then "picked_zero"
                 when 1 then "picked_one"
                 else "picked_many"
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Why a String and not a Symbol? Seems like the kind of thing the Symbol construct was designed for--an immutable string-like label. – Damien Wilson Jul 28 '11 at 1:09
Omygoshyouareright -- @dexter's version works. I'm with @Damien -- it just seems odd that state :picked_one works with a symbol but self.state = "picked_one" requires a string. I'll ping the author... – fearless_fool Jul 28 '11 at 4:57
@fearless_fool: The API page for the state_machine libary seems to remove a lot of the mystery: rdoc.info/github/pluginaweek/state_machine/master/frames – Damien Wilson Jul 28 '11 at 6:17
@Damien: Agreed -- the documentation is excellent -- but it doesn't remove the mystery of the OP! :) – fearless_fool Jul 28 '11 at 12:24

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