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It seems that with Rails/AR and the Inflector methods added to String by ActiveSupport, I would expect that by default, == Nested::ClassDerived::FromAR.table_name

But actually tableize calls underscore, and underscore doesn't actually underscore the :: nested class separator, instead replacing it with a / to make a pathname. Perhaps this method should be called pathify?

Anyway, I need actual underscores. So I'm thinking of defining a new String inflector method:

def new_inflector
  underscore.gsub('/', '_')

that would actually underscore the nested class name string.

So, my question is, what is the proper inflection of 'underscore' in order to properly and conventionally name my new inflector method, without configuration. Would it be 'underscoreize' (following the convention established by 'tableize') or 'underscorize'? Or perhaps underscoreify?

Any insight appreciated.

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Have you tried parameterize with an underscore as a separator?

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so you are suggesting using e.g. "Bletch::FooBar".underscore.parameterize('_') to obtain the desired result of "bletch_foo_bar" ? how about underscore.gsub('/', '_') -- would that work too? – tribalvibes Jul 31 '11 at 23:45

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