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I'm trying to improve build times using CruiseControl.NET and MSBUILD, and one of the commandline switches, maxcpucount can be used to allow the build occur in parallel. Our solution has 60+ projects so any improvement would be helpful. However, whenever I up the maxcpucount above one, we have frequent build failures due to:

"The process cannot access the file xxxx because it is being used by another process. msbuild"

It appears that the additional parallel build threads/processes are locking each other.

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Are you building from a solution file? If so, make sure that you are using direct project-to-project references and not using the Solution's project-dependency feature. If you happen to be using a bit of both, there can be issues. See this article.

Better yet, if at all possible, ditch the solution file and create your own MSBuild file to drive your build.

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yes, I'm building a solution file with all project references. –  JNappi Jul 27 '11 at 12:35
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Your assembly is probably being used by another assembly thats being built. Make sure each assembly gets built before it's needed by other assemblies

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I think I found a solution. It appears that if I add the /nodeReuse:false switch I don't get the file locks. It seems like the nodeReuse functionality is keeping msbuild processes around and those are hanging on to file locks for subsequent builds.


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This actually didn't work. It seemed good for a few builds but eventually I endeded with broken builds due to dll's being locked. –  JNappi Jul 28 '11 at 19:46
Are you sure its msbuild who's locking the file? Can you confirm via Process Explorer or similar utility? –  Mrchief Sep 1 '11 at 4:19
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