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I have lots of git repositories which are managed by repo. I know the "repo start" and "git push" is a solution to record the version of all repositories. But I don't want to see lots of branches or tags on all repositories. Especially, I want to check all of logs as time sorting even the log is on different git so that I can track every changes easily, and without "git log" one by one. Are there any tools help me?


After a half day for research … I find the repo manifest -r maybe a solution. This command outputs a manifest.xml by recording SHA1 of each git repository. I use this routine:

cd .repo/manifests
repo manifest -r -o default2.xml
cp default2.xml default.xml
git commit -am "Release manifest.xml"

After committing a repository is done, do this routine once. Is there better method than this?


I draw a diagram to explain my question.

release version in git repositories

Is there any tool to manage these released versions? I would like switch among release not only a single git.So far, I only find the command repo manifest -r to do this job. What are the key words to find this kinds of requirement?

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I'm not sure how repo works, but if you are looking for something that runs git commands recursively against a directory containing git repositories - try rgit

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