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I have a strongly typed model like this

public class CitySurvey
public string City {get;set;}
public IEnumerable People {get;set;}
public IEnumerable Buildings {get;set;}

Imagine I have a form like this in the view

<input id = ‘City' type='text' />
<select id = 'People'> </select> //this is dynamically filled with city
<select id = 'Buildings'> </select>//this is dynamically filled with city
<input type= "submit">

I would like to do the following stuff:

  • Fill the #People and #Buildings drop down lists based on the city entered
  • Submit the form and execute a piece of the Javascript

Can I do a single ActionResults like

Public ActionResults(CitySurvey city)

to fullfil these two tasks? Do I need to write another to fill the drop down list? How can I use the jquery form plugin to post this strongly typed dynamic content?


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Check out ASP.NET MVC - Cascading Drop Down and the link to the Stephen Walther article in the accepted answer.

Should give you all the info you need.

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Thanks! I would check this out. –  Seen Jul 27 '11 at 12:24

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