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Is there any way, to make something like:

$elements_string = array()
foreach ($something as $element => $value ) {
$elements_string[$element] = $value;

And save $elements_string into a db row?

Maybe you guys prefer some other way?

I wan't to read it from the database so I can easly parse the string.

Earlier I was using something similar to:

$elements_string = $element . ":" . $value;

And I was trying to use explode on that, but that makes no sense because I need to have $element and $value in one loop for one element.

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Why do you want to save an array into a single column? You won't be able to query for or update things inside the column directly. –  Dan Grossman Jul 27 '11 at 5:11

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Normally you would store each element and value in a different row.

If you must store them in one row (and be sure you really have to do that), then use serialize() http://www.php.net/serialize to turn an array into a string you can store.

You can do other things to like: value:element;value:element - then you first split by semicolon, then by colon.

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is serialize output similar to json? –  Sparkup Jul 27 '11 at 5:16
Similar, but serialize supports more datatypes than json. But serialize is just for PHP, json has wider support. –  Ariel Jul 27 '11 at 5:55

You could use implode(glue,pieces) to turn an array into a string with a given separator, supposing you have a character you never use. (and explode(delimiter,string) to get it back)

Serializing may be a better option in most cases, though. Use serialize(value) to store it and unserialize(value) to get it back.

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