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How I can configure some confirmation on git push command in concrete branch? I have production branch and sometimes I forgot that I in production branch and push not those changes.

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All you need is the pre-hook for the commits into protected branches like "master".

This blog on "how-to-prevent-push-to-master" should help you.

PS: GIT Version 1.8.2 or above needed.

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One potential solution would be to remove the config associated with 'production' branch.

git config --unset branch.<branch>.remote
git config --unset branch.<branch>.merge

That way, you have to mention to what remote you want to pull from (or push to, for that matter).
If you define an alias for the pull which:

  • pull
  • and then remove the remote and merge config for that branch,

you are sure you will not be able, for that branch, to do a simple "git pull" without entering additional parameters.

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You can git fetch, then git status will tell you if new commits have been pushed.

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@Mikhail: What about you make a bash script that call git fetch and then call git pull? – Kit Ho Jul 27 '11 at 9:22

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