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Hi I'm creating a systabcontrol32 control with the TCS_SINGLELINE style when I resize my window so the tab won't fit an up-down control appears that should allow me to scroll so I can see all the tabs.

The thing is that the up-down buttons don't seem to work unless I add a the WS_HSCROLL property to the tab control witch makes it ugly as hell. It could be cool if the up-down could scroll the tabs without need to add the scrollbar (even more since the scroll bar doesn't seem to work, it just sits there and I can't click it).

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I've used tab controls in an application that have TCS_SINGLELINE, and it seems to work fine: if there are more tabs than the space allows, little left/right buttons appear to the right, allowing the tab to scroll. It should "just work".

Can you post some example code? Or try to put together a minimal application demonstrating it not working? A quick test here indicates that it seems to be okay (at least, on Windows XP here).

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