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I have an Infragistics WinGrid (UltraGrid, UltraWinGrid, whatever...) with an unbound column. It has Style = Checkbox and DataType = System.Boolean. I have set DefaultCellValue to true, but every new row appears with cell.Value == False in that column. How can I get the default value to work? Thanks!

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If all else fails I would suggest you revert to setting the value manually on the InitializeRow event.

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Spent tons of time on this. Thanks, that did it! – Tony D Nov 28 '14 at 19:32

Try doing yourColumn.DataType = typeof(bool) and yourColumn.DefaultCellValue = true.

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The DefaultCellValue applies to rows added via the add row feature and will not affect the rows from the data source. This is in the documentation here:… – alhalama Mar 1 '12 at 1:44

I see this is a old post, but this might help someone googling the answer!

On new rows, you can use the InitializeTemplateAddRow event, from there you can set the value of the desired column

//Add TemplateAddRow handler
_ultraGrid.InitializeTemplateAddRow += _ultraGrid_InitializeTemplateAddRow

//In the InitializeTemplateAddRow set the cells value
e.TemplateAddRow.Cells[CELLNAME].Value = true;
e.TemplateAddRow.Cells[index].Value = true;
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