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I've a schema file (.xsd), I'd like to generate a xml document using this schema. Is there any online tool available,if not what is quickest way (like couple of lines of code using vb.net).

Thanks for your help.


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If I'm understanding you correct, this tool might help.

XML Generator

It's what I usually use when working with XML.

If you want a solution through code you can use this:

XmlTextWriter textWriter = new XmlTextWriter("po.xml", null);
textWriter.Formatting    = Formatting.Indented;
XmlQualifiedName qname   = new XmlQualifiedName("PurchaseOrder",       
XmlSampleGenerator generator = new XmlSampleGenerator("po.xsd", qname);

Taken from MSDN

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Download pyXSD.

Use it to build Python class definitions from the XSD's.

Build objects from those class definitions.

Save the Python objects in XML notation.

An alternative is GenerateDS.

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