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I'm using Hibernate 3.3.1GA and Spring 3.0.2 (and Maven from eclipse). I added c3p0-0.9.1 jar to classpath, and first tried this approach (configuring c3p0 within datasource bean):

<bean id="dataSource2" class="com.mchange.v2.c3p0.ComboPooledDataSource" destroy-method="close">
    <property name="driverClass" value="${ora.driverClassName}" />
    <property name="jdbcUrl" value="${ora.url}" />
    <property name="user" value="${ora.username}" />
    <property name="password" value="${ora.password}" />

    <property name="minPoolSize" value="${minPoolSize}" />
    <property name="maxPoolSize" value="${maxPoolSize}" />
    <property name="maxIdleTime" value="${maxIdleTime}" />
    <property name="maxStatements" value="${maxStatements}" />
    <property name="acquireIncrement" value="${acquireIncrement}" />

This seems to work, as I can see c3p0 log in the eclipse console.
However, when I tried configuring it within hibernate sessionFactory properties, like this:

<bean id="sessionFactory2" class="org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.LocalSessionFactoryBean" name="sessionFactory2">
    <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource2" />
    <property name="hibernateProperties">
            <prop key="hibernate.dialect">org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.show_sql">true</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.format_sql">true</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.query.substitutions">true 1, false 0</prop>

            <!-- C3P0 properties (hibernate.c3p0.idle_test_period)  -->
            <prop key="hibernate.connection.provider_class">org.hibernate.connection.C3P0ConnectionProvider</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.c3p0.min_size">1</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.c3p0.max_size">20</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.c3p0.timeout">600</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.c3p0.acquire_increment">1</prop>
            <prop key="hibernate.c3p0.max_statements">50</prop>

    <property name="mappingResources">

this doesn't work, c3p0 just won't start, no output, no error, nothing...
Actually, I don't find it so strange , because when I opened hibernate-core-3.3.1.GA jar from Maven repository, I couldn't find org.hibernate.connection.C3P0ConnectionProvider class. I tried some other versions of hibernate (3.3.2, 3.6.0), and still same thing was happening (no C3P0ConnectionProvider class was in jar file). I treid removing connection.providerclass property, no difference.

I read a ton of related questions here and on other forums, and I can't really understand what's the problem. This is basically my problem, but I didn't find it useful. Am I missing something in the properties configuration, did I name them wrong or something?


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Since you are using spring data source configuration (you refer dataSource2 bean), I think, session factory bean just sets data source and Hibernate is ignoring it's own connection configuration.

If first approach works, why would you want the second one?

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Why would I want the second one? Well, it's not that I want one of these in particular :) I'm just trying out different options, and trying to find what's the best for my needs. I read somewhere that first approach is maybe better, when spring-aop transaction management is enabled, which is my case. Maybe I should also consider configuring data source in JNDI (with tomcat)? –  Less Jul 27 '11 at 9:13
First approach always served me well. –  Alex Gitelman Jul 27 '11 at 9:14

Worked for me though. I used something like this

<property name="hibernateProperties">
    <prop key="hibernate.dialect">${hibernate.dialect}</prop>
    <prop key="hibernate.show_sql">${hibernate.show_sql}</prop>
<property name="hibernate.dialect">
    <property name="hibernate.connection.driver_class">

    <property name="hibernate.connection.url">
    <property name="hibernate.connection.username">
    <property name="hibernate.connection.password">
<property name="hibernate.c3p0.acquire_increment">1</property>
    <property name="hibernate.c3p0.min_size">1</property>
    <property name="hibernate.c3p0.max_size">3</property>
    <property name="hibernate.c3p0.timeout">1000</property>
    <property name="hibernate.c3p0.max_statements">2</property>
    <property name="hibernate.c3p0.numHelperThreads">3</property>
    <property name="hibernate.c3p0.idle_test_period">60</property>
    <property name="hibernate.connection.provider_class">org.hibernate.connection.C3P0ConnectionProvider</property>


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What are these properties, where did you put them (guess sessionFactory bean)? If you don't mind, edit your question to include more detailed overview of your xml config. –  Less Oct 18 '12 at 9:01

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