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I'm looking for a solution, to reach the desired behaviour. Running a Rails3 application where authentication is handle by Devise. I want to detect any user coming back to the site while already signed in (with the remember_me cookie).

My aim is to redirect him to a specific page (as I already do it on after_sign_in_path_for).

My very problem is not to detect if a user is signed_in?, but to be sure he wasn't navigating on the site just tow minutes before (I prefer to avoid strategy based an time...)

Any guess ?

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Not at all clear to me what you are wanting here. You want to detect if a user has been signed in recently, but don't want to do it based on time? This doesn't make sense ... –  chrispanda Jul 27 '11 at 9:19
Sorry if I was unclear, I wanted to detect if a user signed in based on the remember_me cookie is returning to the site. But I found a good solution based on the rails session cookie (see the edit of my question). thx anyway –  Elmatou Jul 27 '11 at 9:43

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My own answer, to my question...

I posted the question too quickly.

The solution is quite simple, Rails create a session cookie after each request, we just need to check if it exists or not :

def user_returning?
  user_signed_in? && session[:session_id].blank?

I was mixing Devise session wich can subsiste between browser closings, and session cookie which are destroyed after each browser closing.

user_returning? allow me to know if a user is coming back to the site, while he is already signed in...

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