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I am maintaining some code someone has created and it uses a few JavaScript functions to make some div's have rounded corners - however, on a post back the corners seem to dissappear. The event for the function is below:

curvyCorners.addEvent(window, 'load', initCorners);

I'm assuming this is the problem - what event would fire for postbacks too?

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'load' should fire for postbacks, depends on browsers. pageShow should always fire –  Raynos Jul 27 '11 at 9:08

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Try adding it manually:

window.onload = function() {
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The best way to workaround this issue is to set display: none to those divs and in initCorners show the divs by setting display: block or something else

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Listen to the 'pageshow' event instead.

W3C pageShow reference

window.addEventListener('pageshow', initCorners, false)

Live Example.

However mootools doesn't recognise 'pageshow' (Oh those leaky DOM abstractions.)

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