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i am using ExtGWT. my application has 5 modules. in war folder all five modules will be compiled and placed. but in every module resources folder is common. my intention is keeping resources folder common. so that the generated war size can be decreased. plz suggest me.

Thanks, David

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Perhaps not exactly, what you are asking for, but I guess, you don't want to upload everytime everything since the amount of data is quite large.

I do it this way:
- DON't create a war-file.
- simply use rsync to incrementally deploy the contents of the war-directory of your GWT-project like this:

rsync -avc --compress --progress --delete --rsh='ssh' --cvs-exclude ./war root@serverip:/usr/share/tomcat7/webapps/ROOT/

So, only newer files gets uploaded to the server and remaining old files which are not used anymore gets deleted from the server.

Hoped this helped you.

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