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Hihi, not sure if i am just plain dumb.. Have installed ejabberd on amazon ec2 and recently managed to switch to use mysql based on the guide:

I have an issue now after switching to mysql db, not able to add roster to my user, and the log shows that the table rosterusers does not exist.

And now I am confusing, I grabbed the mysql.sql db schema from ejabberd github at, and found that

  1. there isn't any rosterusers table to be created, instead, it creates a table called rosteritem.
  2. there isn't any table called rostergroups, but rostergroup (without 's'). After some googling around, i think rostergroups should be the correct naming.

Is there anyone here knows is this a bug in the mysql schema, or i am missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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I have not gotten any feedback regarding this question, but eventually, I have manually changed some of the table schema created from the mysql.sql script to matched the one from mssql.sql.

Everything works fine thereafter!


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Hey, Please can you let me know step-by-step, how you have connected the ejabberd with mysql database ? – Purushottam Jan 10 '14 at 7:36

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