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I'm just investigating OPA and trying to make the leap from a traditional LAMP background, so here's my first of many newbie questions:

Can I have two OPA apps sharing the same database, say one which writes into a database and another that reads from it?

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Yes, it's certainly possible. A simple but complete example:


database ./counter
db /counter : int
Counter = {{
  read() = /counter
  inc() = /counter <- read() + 1


server = one_page_server("Counter app", -> <>Counter value: {Counter.read()}</>)


_ = Scheduler.timer(1000, -> Counter.inc())

Compile with:

 opa db_read.opa db.opa -o db_read.exe
 opa db_write.opa db.opa -o db_write.exe

Run the database server for database counter on port 5001:

 opa-db-server -b --db-local counter

Run the applications, connecting to this database:

 ./db_read.exe --db-remote
 ./db_write.exe --db-remote

The db_write app updates the counter every second. You can see that with the db_read app by visiting localhost:8080 (and refreshing the page).

Hope the Opa-DB experts will correct me if I got something wrong.

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Thanks akoprowski, I'll try it later but it certainly looks like the key is using opa-db-server -b --db-local counter –  russellfeeed Jul 27 '11 at 15:00
Yep, just tried it and it worked. Got a few warnings about "Can't set node properties on client" but the concept worked fine. Thanks! –  russellfeeed Jul 27 '11 at 20:02

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