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In Iphone i am able to pass selector id like this way

CCMenuItemSprite* item =[CCMenuItemSprite itemFromNormalSprite:normalSprite 
selectedSprite:selectedSprite target:target selector:@selector(LaunchLevel:)];

and the selected menuItem tag is obtained by

- (void ) LaunchLevel: (id) sender
    // Do Something

    CCMenuItemSprite *temp = (CCMenuItemSprite *)sender;

My question is how to do the similar code in android? Means how to pass the id of the MenuItem

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You cannot do this for the moment. If you check the code source there is nothing for this purpose. But as cocos2d is open source, nothing prevents you to implement this feature.

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k..thanks for your reply –  droid kid Aug 23 '11 at 3:27

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