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I have included this if (Request.QueryString.Keys.Count == 0) condition in the page load event. In some scenarios it throws Index was outside the bounds of the array exeception. How to handle this exception?

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That code will never throw such error. Please post your code that throws that error and we'll help you fix it. –  Shadow Wizard Jul 27 '11 at 11:01

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Try this:

 if(Request.QueryString != null)
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if(Request.QueryString == null || Request.QueryString.Keys.Count == 0)
    // No query string parameters - do stuff....
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Why don't you try to count the NameValue pairs in the QueryString, like this:


instead of counting the keys.

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Try this code:

if (Request.QueryString!=null && Request.QueryString.Keys.Count == 0)
     //Some code
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