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I try to manually build a Json string to send to the client.


When I use

echo json_encode(array('result'=>'hhh'));

It arrives perfectly. But when I do

echo "{'result':'hhh'}";

It isn't

The only difference I find between the two requests is that the first one has:

Content-Length: 9    header

and the second one (which does not work)

Content-Length: 16   header

Both the strings should have been content length: 16!!! I guess it something to do with the combination of ZF and Mootools.

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According to the specs, JSON requires double quotes around key names and string values.

echo json_encode(array('result'=>'hhh'));

will output


The length of this output is 16 bytes as shown by the following:

echo strlen(json_encode(array('result'=>'hhh')));

outputs "16".

Any JSON decoder that follows the specs will fail or throw an exception when presented with your manually echoed JSON.

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If you will count the characters on my manually string, you will see the problem is something else completely. I need to investigate more, it seems something to do with the combination of ZF and Mootools –  Itay Moav -Malimovka Mar 26 '09 at 12:20
Just did some testing and Elmo is correct. You have to use double quotes, although I did not get an error trying to decode single quotes it was returning nothing. –  Erling Thorkildsen Mar 27 '09 at 21:21

It doesn't have problems with UTF-8 so much as UTF-8 is the standard encoding for it. It sounds as if you're echoing something in a different encoding scheme, which breaks, whereas json_encode() is transcoding it for you.

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