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In I can execute Custom commands on Windows-Services :


Const SmartShutdown As Integer = 12  

Dim myService As New ServiceController("SampleService")


Protected Overrides Sub OnCustomCommand(ByVal command As Integer)  

Is it also possible to execute commands from VB6 to .net Windows-Service?

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You can use the ControlService API function to send any control codes. This does require that you've called OpenService with the appropriate access and that your process is running at the required level. On Vista+, this can be done using the normal manifest (process wide) or COM elevation.

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Consider using the VB6 Shell function and the sc.exe command line tool to control windows services, e.g:

Shell("cmd /C 'sc stop SampleService > %APPDATA%\svc.log'")


To send a custom command, e.g.:

Shell("cmd /C 'sc control SampleService 128 > %APPDATA%\svc.log'")

Custom command should be in the range 128-255.

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Is there also a way to execute custom commands? My service manages Tools using shared dll's. when i install a new version of the main programm, my installer (written in vb6) should check, if any Tools is running. –  joau Jul 27 '11 at 13:44
@joau Yes you can, please see my update. –  Tim Lloyd Jul 27 '11 at 14:30

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