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In my Rails app, I have a section called Situations, which is basically a textual description of a situation. But there are several of them. I want to be able to display only one at a time and each one on its own page (the newest created ones first), and then at the bottom of the page I have links that go to Older and Newer situations.

Assume that I have a @situations object in my code that contains all the situations that I want to display. What should I do next (in the controller and the view).

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I'd use pagination (will_paginate) and set the number of items per page to 1.

Then you can use current_page and next_page to make your links. See source here.

Other that it would just be a standard index action with the changes made required for will_paginate.

This screencast should give you a good idea what you need but be aware that there have been some changes to the plugin since it was made. Details are on the will_paginate github wiki.

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Here: gitrdoc.com/rdoc/mislav/will_paginate/… on the bottom is information how to do exactly what you want. – klew Mar 26 '09 at 9:57
Nice. How did you find that rdoc? – srboisvert Mar 26 '09 at 10:33


class Situation < ActiveRecord::Base
  default_scope :order => 'created_at desc'


class SituationsController < ActionController::Base
  def index
    @situations = Situation.all


<%= render @situations %>


<h2><%= situation.name -%></h2>
<p><%= situation.description -%></p>
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What about the links at the bottom? One situation per page. – jonty Mar 26 '09 at 3:54

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