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I know the Pull Task Queue is still very new, but I've been looking at the documentation and I would love to start using it. I've added a pull task queue to my application in the queue.yaml file:

- name: pull-queue
  mode: pull
  - user_email: {MY EMAIL}@gmail.com

but when I try to call it from the REST api using this link:


I get the following error:

  error: {
    errors: [
        domain: "global"
        reason: "required"
        message: "Login Required"
        locationType: "header"
        location: "Authorization"
    code: 401
    message: "Login Required"

I imagine this is because I'm not authenticating with the REST api, but how do I do that? I can't find any documentation about authenticating with it.

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Have you read the Pull Queue documentation? It links to a large number of client libraries, as well as command line tools that do the authentication for you.

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If your app is using High Replication Datastore (HRD), then your project name requires a prefix of 's~'; so if {PROJECT_NAME} is myproject, then you'd run the sample app using gtaskqueue --project_name=s~myproject

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I guess any google auth would work. ex. username/password or even oauth. You could take a look at the Contacts API for example

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