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Baby steps rolling... I have a form with a data grid bound to a table. I have some textboxes on the form bound to the table[columns], so as I scroll the grid, the textboxes show corresponding data.

I go to an "Edit Mode" of the textboxes and change the content and hit a save button. The grid doesn't refresh the changed context until I physically click in the cell which forces a call to the tables OnChanging and OnChanged events...

How can I FORCE whatever event to "flush" the table at the end of my edit and have it refreshed in the datagridview.


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Have you tried calling the dataGridView's Invalidate method?

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My bad. The form level's "Click" event of the button was never being fired directly since I had used a custom class that had a default method behavior. After adjusting that as needed, it works perfectly... However, I did InvalidateROW for the one record in question. Thanks –  DRapp Mar 27 '09 at 12:36

Are you using a BindingSource? If so, call its EndEdit method on the TextBox's Leave event.

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No impact. Both the grid (obviously), and the textboxes are bound to the DataTable instance, but appears I cant' force throw the Tables "OnChanging" / "OnChanged" event which is what happens when I re-click in the grid manually after saving an edit. –  DRapp Mar 26 '09 at 10:48

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