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I have heard rumors of an Eclipse plugin that will provide statistics on how much time a developer is working vs how much the IDE is forcing the dev to wait by building the workspace, or loading Java retooling, loading a file editor, etc...

Does this plugin really exist?

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I've been using the Lack of Progress Bar for this. It works as advertised.

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Could it be this?: Rabbit-plugin

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As Dmitri said, Lack of Progress Bar is probably what you are looking for. It will track how long it takes for Eclipse jobs to complete. Generally, most operations like checking-in code, building a project, deploying to your server from within IDE, etc... all run in background jobs. Basically, all we did was hook listeners into the Eclipse background jobs manager to record start/stop times for jobs and then show the time elapsed in a view. It is pretty simple and you can look at the source code here if you want to.

I wrote the plugin with a couple of buddies a few years ago. I have not maintained it since. If you run into any issues just contact me via the contact form on the LOPB site and I will do my best to help you out.

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