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I was looking for payment related topic and I noticed that there is no 'general' discussion about that. I intend to build shop on the web and I am looking for compendium about techniques which can be used for that purpose. I wish to use VISA, Master, PayPal, etc.

Please outline your methods. There are no limitations like programming language, gateway provider, library, CMS, or whatever. I am looking for ways to implement payments. I do not know if it is better to implement it from scratch or use a CMS, with ready to use modules. If you will describe your point of view on this topic I would appreciate that. State the pros and cons of you method. Please help me and provide an overview on this topic.

Many thanks.

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Paypal fairly easy to implements with its extensive (but messy) documentation. It accepts all mayor credit cards (Visa, Master, Discover, AmEx) and is used by a large part of the internet oriented (international) population.

Also, this is an interesting read by Smashing Magazine about payments processing.

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Nice article. Thanks. – vt100 Jul 30 '11 at 9:19

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