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I would like to move an animated UIImage across the screen. How is this possible?

Here is my code so far with UIImage animation:

self.myImageWalk.animationImages = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:[UIImage imageNamed:@"img01.png"],[UIImage imageNamed:@"img02.png"], [UIImage imageNamed:@"img03.png"], [UIImage imageNamed:@"img04.png"], nil];

[self.myImageWalk setAnimationRepeatCount:5];
[self.myImageWalk setAnimationDuration:2];
[self.myImageWalk startAnimating];
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declare this function .h file


.m file


    [UIView animateWithDuration:2.0 delay:0.5 options:UIViewAnimationCurveEaseInOut animations:^() {


    } completion:^(BOOL finished) {

        NSLog(@"animation Done");


then call wherever u want to animate

     [self doAnimate:CGRectMake(300, 300, self.myImageWalk.frame.size.width, self.myImageWalk.frame.size.height)];

here change 300,300 to ur wish to get animate to various position.

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have a fun........ – Vijay-Apple-Dev.blogspot.com Jul 27 '11 at 14:28

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