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I'm trying to call a stored procedure with a varchar containing the name of the previous month.

exec my_sp @subject='Report for June 2011';

Except June 2011 should be dynamic (dependent upon the month you call the stored procedure), not static. What's the best way to accomplish this?

I can get the previous month in the desired format like so:

select datename(month, dateadd(month,-1,getdate()))+' '+datename(year, dateadd(month,-1,getdate()))

but I don't know how to pass it to the stored procedure.

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        Declare @reportText varchar(40);
    Set @reportText =  datename(month, dateadd(month,-1,getdate()))+' '+datename(year, dateadd(month,-1,getdate()))

exec my_sp @reportText;
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DECLARE @ReportMonth VARCHAR(100)


EXEC my_sp @subject=@ReportMonth
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