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I have created a entire model and then got the diagram generated code. Now I realized that I need to add more components in Palette. But I have already carried out lot of modifications in the already generated Code. So if I repeat all the steps, mostly I am gonna loose all my changes. So is there any way to add new components or introduce new element inside Palette without developing from initial cycle.

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What do you mean exactly? Is it that you're afraid of losing modifications you did to the generated source code? If that's the case you can prevent a function from being generated adding the @generated NOT tag.

 * @generated NOT
void foo() {...}
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To be more specific, anything without the @generated tag will be left untouched during regeneration, but I think that way makes it clearer that an originally generated method has been modified afterwards. –  José M. Benítez Aug 11 '11 at 9:13

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