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this is a small piece of a bigger XML:

<menu first="modelID">
            <cover type="img">./img/cover.png</cover>
            <sub value="Images|Audio" />

Using E4X I easily retrieve the value from the menu "first" attribute and I save it to a variable (firstModel).

Now I want to retrieve the cover type and the cover text() of the node whose id equals to firstModel. How can I do? Is this possible?

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var firstModel : String = "modelID"; //your parsed value here
trace(a.model.(id == firstModel).cover.@type);
trace(a.model.(id == firstModel).cover);


[trace] img
[trace] ./img/cover.png
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Thanks, I was trying with "descendants" but it seems it doesn't work inside parentheses. –  user840248 Jul 27 '11 at 14:29

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