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<input id="myID" onClick="CheckAll('A','B');" />

In the project,the above code need to be put into String(see 2nd snippet). However, the CheckAll() is already inside the single quote. If two parameters are inside Single quote in checkAll() like 2nd code snippet, the checkAll() won't work.

How to fix the 2nd code snippet?

Thanks in advance and any help will be really appreciated!

$string ="<input id='myID' onClick='CheckAll('A','B');' />"
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You can use backslash:

$string ="<input id=\"myID\" onClick=\"CheckAll('A','B');\" />"
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$string ="<input id='myID' onClick=\"CheckAll('A','B');\" />"

add escaping slashes

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Actually, that won't work - the escaped quotes need to be double quotes, so that when it gets output, it's not single quotes inside more single quotes. – ETWW-Dave Jul 27 '11 at 14:14


$string = '<input id="myID" onClick="CheckAll(\'A\',\'B\');" />';
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