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I'm currently doing this in a controller:

def index
  @orders = Order.all
  respond_to do |format| {
    format.js { render json: @orders.as_json()

I have a order state field. The values of this field are in English and need to be translated to Dutch. Problem is, the as_json call doesn't automatically translate the data to Dutch. The YML file and current and default locale all are working correctly. ( calling I18n.t works, but how does this work with as_json() ? )


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I was thinking about adding an as_translated_json to ActiveRecord for my project - maybe pass a list of attributes that need translating, defaulting to all. Did you come up with - or find a good solution to this? –  kwerle Oct 12 '12 at 16:46

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You can override as_json in your model and call i18n from that method.

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