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All im trying to do is add a string to strcpy and concatenate with a short. But i am getting two error doing this the code is below

struct local_stack_def

   char *result;
   char delims[3];
   char user_id_E[200];
   short user_maxlen, range_eulm, imp_eulm, len_eulm;
   char msg_eulm[400];

  short  pool_err;
  struct local_stack_def *l;

  l  = POOL_GETSPACE_(i_exit_cb->Pool_addr,sizeof(struct local_stack_def),&pool_err );


  if (l->resultFR != 0)
      l->range_eulm= 1501;
      strcpy(l->msg_eulm,"FILENAME_RESOLVE_ ERROR - ERROR#:");
      strcat(l->msg_eulm, l->resultFR);

With the strcpy and strcat i get these errors

strcpy(l->msg_eulm,"FILENAME_RESOLVE_ ERROR - ERROR#:");     
 Warning 207: address pointing at code space is taken

 strcat(l->msg_eulm, l->resultFR);
 Warning 86: argument 2 conflicts with formal definition
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Ken, welcome to SO. what type is l->resultFR? Please provide us with more information. – user195488 Jul 27 '11 at 14:36
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Both functions work on char* types. When you use strcpy on some constant string you defined, this string is located in code space which could be a problem, hence the warning.

The second error is caused because you cannot concat an integer to a string. When you want to print the value of this short you need to convert it for example via sprintf into an char* and than concat this char*.

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how do i resolve the code space taken warning ?!? – ken Jul 27 '11 at 14:56
You could try indirecting over a const char* variable but the problem lies elsewhere I think. What compiler are you using? – Nobody Jul 27 '11 at 15:06
The thing is i need to code in env Libspace thats when i started getting these errors if i have env set in COMMON it runs fine. – ken Jul 27 '11 at 15:35

You didn't provide information about resultFR (which obviously isn't const char*).

You also didn't provide information about what compiler you are using, but from the documenation on web:

Warning 207: The address of an object that resides in code space is taken. Use of this address is valid only within the same code segment as the object.

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for the concatenate you need to either use itoa (or one of its variants)

strcat(l->msg_eulm, itoa(l->resultFR));

If you dont have itoa in you c library then you could use snprintf.OR look for another function that takes a number and returns a char*

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