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I have a main controller, and a popover that gets presented from the main controller. My main controller passes an array to my popover. In my viewDidLoad of my popover controller, I take that array, get the image and text data for that entry and put it into an NSDictionary. I do this because I need to resize my pictures for my UITableView to be presented in the popover. It works fine, however, since I now have an NSArray of NSDictionary in my popover, every time I bring up my popover, since this code is in the viewDidLoad, it gets created each time. It seems like an expensive operation since there is a bit of lag in presenting the popover to begin with. Is there a way I can cache the data somewhere once it's loaded once? Thanks.

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Couldn't you create it in your main controller and pass it as a parameter to your popover?

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I'm trying to understand this more to see how this would work. Right now when a button in the UIToolBar gets selected, based on a selection in a UISegmentControl (with 3 segments), I get data for the popover to be presented. So would I need 3 different variables, that could get populated lazily, and then always just use that information when needed? –  Crystal Jul 27 '11 at 16:40
That is correct –  Joris Mans Jul 27 '11 at 19:55

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